Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Slippery Slope of Progress

Recently I got into a debate with a sharp minded student who claimed that sexually, anything between two consenting adults was okay....anything. Sex before marriage, sex with multiple partners, sex between same sex couples...he was adamant. What goes on in private between consenting adults is their business and nobody elses. This statement fascinated me, 'surely you don't believe that?' I said, but he firmly stood his ground - he believed that ANYTHING between consenting adults was fine. Eventually, in an effort to make him reconsider his position the I asked, 'so, if a consenting mother wanted to have sex with her consenting adult son, you would say that was fine?'  His face dropped a little, and he immediately looked uneasy, but he held his position and looked me square in the eye while he  rather slowly and   unconvincingly answered, 'yes'.

You see, this is where moral relativism gets us. If we truly believe that there are no moral absolutes, and what's right for me is right for me and what's right for you is right for you, we end up with very vague guidelines for morality. We assume that as part of our social contract we are all on the same page and that we can all rub along nicely...but beliefs like this open the door for all sorts of craziness! How can you possibly say that incest is wrong if you truly believe that anything between two consenting adults is fine.

I thought about this for a while and decided that perhaps the student could have argued that incest was wrong because it is against the law. That would at least give him legal ground for repelling this act? But then I thought was not so long ago that Homosexuality was illegal...what happened there? The law is not a long suffering or  loving parent - when its children flout the boundaries, the law just changes the boundaries. So by that token it would appear (call me a prophet if you like!) that on the basis of our society's belief that there are no moral absolutes, we would have to change our law to make incest between consenting adults fully acceptable. Anyone with anything to say against this would be shut down as sexually repressed, backward thinking, and biophobic - or whatever the phrase is that we will come to use to describe those against incest.

So again, society will be brainwashed into believing that maybe we were a bunch of sexually repressed fuddy duddies at the beginning of the 21st Century. Those of us who don't like being portrayed as the village idiot will have to toe the line.  So get ready people - you think it will never happen, you think intelligent moral people won't stand for it, but incest is making its way into your life and into head. Trust me.

The student I was debating with listened to me and then tried to wriggle out of his own argument by saying that perhaps incest would not be acceptable between family members because sex might be used as a controlling force, but I insisted that in this mother and son scenario sex was only  expression of love and so he had no choice but to concede - 'well in that case, yes' he said 'sex between a mother and son is okay then.' He left me utterly flabberghasted when he added, 'it's progress.'

So not even two weeks later I am stunned to find an article on the net where a father has been sent to prison for having an incestuous sexual relationship with his consenting adult daughter, but rather than skulk away in shame the pair are furious - this is their buisness and nothing to do with anyone else. In the same article twin brothers talk about their sexual relationship with each other as 'not harming anyone'...

Personally I believe that every single human being has a sense of what is right and wrong because God has written his moral law on our hearts, but Satan who is the God of this age, is true to form - getting people to question God. Is God right, why shouldn't you accept incest? Society - who says there is no God - can claim to be moralistic, but without a moral law giver you are left with moral relativism and this, as we can see, leads us into utter depravity. More brainwashing going on here?

"Although they claimed to be wise, they became utter fools." Romans 1 : 22

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